Completed films

“Coming of Age” (work title: “Faraway Friends”) by Teboho Edkins, Lesotho/South Africa, 2015



I AM NOT A WITCH by Rungano Nyoni, France/UK/Germany, 2017
EN ATTENDANT LES HIRONDELLES by Karim Moussaoui, France/Germany/Algeria, 2017



KULA: A MEMORY IN THREE ACTS by Inadelso Cossa, Mozambique/Germany, 2016
AJEEB AASHIQ (STRANGE LOVE) by Natasha Mendonca, India/USA, 2016
BURQA BOXERS by Alka Raghuram, India/USA/France/Switzerland, 2016
COMBOIO DE SAL E AÇUCAR by Licínio Azevedo, Portugal/Mozambique/France/South Africa/Brazil, 2016


COMING OF AGE by Teboho Edkins, Lesotho/South Africa, 2015
HALAL LOVE (AND SEX) by Assad Fouladkar/Lebanon/Germany/United Arab Emirates, 2015
LA SIRÈNE DE FASO FANI by Michel K. Zongo, Burkina Faso, 2015
MADONA by Nino Gogua, Georgia, 2015
NECKTIE YOUTH by Sibs Shongwe-La Mer, South Africa, 2015
THE ISLAND FUNERAL by Pimpaka Towira, Thailand, 2015



ABERDEEN by Pang Ho-cheung, China, 2014
ARUNODAY (Sunrise) by Partho Sen-Gupta, India, 2014
EL ZIARA (The Black Moon) by Nawfel Saheb-Ettaba, Tunisia, 2014
LA TERCERA ORILLA by Celina Murga, Argentina/Germany/Netherlands, 2014
LE VEAU D'OR by Hassan Legzouli, Morocco, 2014
LOMBRAZ KAN by David Constantin, Mauritius, 2014
ODYAINA by Laza, Madagascar, 2014



EL VERANO DE LOS PECES VOLADORES by Marcela Said, Chile, 2013
HARMONY LESSONS by Emir Baigazin, Kazakhstan, 2013
LE PRÉSIDENT by Jean-Pierre Bekolo, Cameroon, 2013
O HOMEM DAS MULTIDÕES by Marcelo Gomes and Cao Guimarães, Brasil, 2013
TANTA AGUA by Ana Guevara, Leticia Jorge, Uruguay, 2013



BUZKASHI! by Najeeb Mirza, Tajikistan, 2012
CHAR, THE NO MAN’S ISLAND by Sourav Sarangi, India, 2012
DON'T EXPECT PRAISES, by Yang Jin, Mainland China, 2012
HARAG WE MARAG by Nadine Khan, Egypt, 2012
LE DERNIER MIRAGE by Nidhal Chatta, Tunisia, 2012 
PRINCESS NAZIK by Erkin Saliev, Kirghizstan, 2012
SHA SHENG (Project Title: Bloodshed) by Guan Hu, Mainland China, 2012
UFO IN HER EYES by Guo Xiaolu, Mainland China, 2012



EL CHICO QUE MIENTE by Marité Ugás, Venezuela, 2011
ELEVEN FLOWERS, by WANG Xiaoshuai, Hong Kong, 2011
FE (FAITH) by Alejo Crisóstomo, Guatemala, 2011 LOS
LOS ULTIMOS CRISTEROS by Matias Meyer, Mexico, 2011
MR. TREE by Han Jie, Mainland China, 2011
SENTADOS FRENTE AL FUEGO (Seated by the Fire) by Alejandro Fernandez
, Chile, 2011
SUNNY DAYS by Nariman Turebayev, Kazakhstan, 2011
THE LAW IN THESE PARTS by Ra'anan Alexandrowicz, Israel, 2011
THANATHUR by Tawfik Abu-Wael, Israel, 2011



FIX ME by Raed Andoni, Palestine, 2010
JEAN GENTIL by Israel Cardenas, Laura Amelia Guzmán, Dominican Republic/Mexico, 2010
LA VIDA DE LOS PECES by Matías Bize, Chile, 2010
LISANKA by Daniel Diaz Torres, Cuba, 2010
MAN WITHOUT A CELLPHONE by Sameh Zoabi, Israel, 2010
MESSAGES FROM THE SEA by Daoud Abd El-Sayed, Egypt, 2010
WINTER VACATION, by LI Hongqi, Mainland China, 2010



EL VUELCO DEL CANGREJO by Oscar Ruiz, Colombia, 2009
YOUM EL ÊUR'SEE by Lyes Salem, Algeria, 2009



HE! N’OUBLIE PAS LE CUMIN by Hala Alabdalla, Palestine, 2008
I CAN’T GO HOME by Khalil Joreige & Joana Hadjithomas, Lebanon, 2008
ISLAMOUR by Saad Chraibi, Morocco, 2008
JERMAL by Ravi Bharwani, Indonesia, 2008
THE ONE-MAN VILLAGE by Simon El-Habre, Lebanon, 2008



AYROUWEN by Brahim Tsaki, Algeria, 2007
FI INTIDARE PASOLINI, Daoud Aoulad-Syad, Morocco, 2007
MADRIGAL by Fernando Pérez Valdes, Cuba, 2007
OÙ-VAS TU MOSHE? by Hassan Benjealloun, Morocco, 2007
PLEASURE FACTORY by Ekachai Uekrongtham, Singapore, 2007
THE PHOTOGRAPH by Nan Achnas, Indonesia, 2007
3 DAYS TO FOREVER by Riri Riza, Indonesia, 2007



EL BENNY by Jorge Luis Sanchez, Cuba, 2006
MAKING OF - KAMIKAZE by Nouri Bouzid, Tunisia, 2006
MAURICIO’S DIARY by Manuel Perez Paredes, Cuba, 2006
NE RESTENT DANS L'OUED QUE SES GALETS by Jean Pierre Lledo, Algeria, 2006
VIVANTES by Saïd Ould-Khelifa, Algeria, 2006



FRUTAS EN EL CAFÈ by Humberto Padron, Cuba, 2005
NADA MAS (NOTHING MORE) by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti, Cuba, 2005
VIVA CUBA by Juan Carlos Cremata Malberti, Cuba, 2005

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