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Match Me! 2017

(August 4th to 6th)

Match Me provides an informal networking platform for new and upcoming production companies with distinct focus and strong visions. For this year's 3rd edition, thanks to a partnership with Cinema do Brasil, CinemaChile, Israel Film Fund, Istituto Luce Cinecittà - Filmitalia, the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE), Polish Film Institute and Swissfilms, three upcoming producers from each of these countries will attend the Industry Days and introduce their companies' profile and works to potential co-producers, funds or sales companies through a tailor-made matchmaking service and a series of professional lunches with industry key players.





Luana Melgaço (Anavilhana)

Company Profile: Founded by Clarissa Campolina, Luana Melgaço and Marília Rocha, Anavilhana has produced over 20 short and feature films selected and awarded in major international film festivals and exhibited in art museums over the world. Anavilhana is currently one of the most prominent independent Brazilian production companies.


Filmography: The Sky Above – Sergio Borges, 2010; Like Water Through Stone - Marilia Rocha, 2010; Swirl – Clarissa Campolina, Helvecio Marins, 2011; Breath – Marcos Pimentel, 2013; Solon – Clarissa Campolina, 2016; Where I Grow Old – Marilia Rocha, 2016


Fernando Sapelli (Claraluz Filmes)

Company Profile: Created in 2013, Claraluz Filmes is a project incubator agency, a talent bank and a production company focused on high quality, originality, commercial sustainability, international collaborations and social impact. Claraluz develops and finds original ideas, aiming for the sustainability and scaling of the business, to bring to life a complete audiovisual experience, attracting the right audiences and distribution.


Filmography: Exodus - Where I Come From Is Disappearing – Hank Levine, 2016; Something Like That – Esmir Filho & Mariana Bastos, 2017.


Mathias Mangin (Igloo Filmes)


Company Profile: Igloo Filmes develops fiction and documentary films, with a will to build stories related to the Brazil society, its diversity, powerful energy and strong contradictions. After Horatio, Igloo’s first feature film (November 2017), the company is now focusing on Barbarians, a multi-plot feature film.


Filmography: Dona Rosa – Mathias Mangin, 2013 (short doc); Mehci – Mathias Mangin, 2015 (short doc); Horatio, Mathias Mangin, 2017.




Alba Gaviraghi (Agosto Cine)

Company Profile: Agosto Cine is a Chilean independent production house founded in 2016 by Alba Gaviraghi, Nicolás Guzmán and Matías de Bourguignon. Agosto Cine currently harbors two short documentaries, Sigo acá by Tana Gilbert (Hot Docs 2017) and Snap by Felipe Elgueta and Ananké Pereira. It is finalizing its first feature Potential Victim by Nicolás Guzmán.


Filmography: I’m still here – Tana Gilbert, 2017; Snap – F. Elgueta, A. Pereira, 2017.


Felipe Azúa (Avispa Cine)

Company Profile: Based in Santiago since 2010, Avispa Cine is a project incubator and production company working with auteur and social issue films. We have produced over 10 short films selected in festivals like Cannes and San Sebastian. Our first feature El Primero de la familia was released in 2016 in festivals such as Sao Paulo, Chicago Latino, D`Autor Barcelona.


Filmography: Hungry – Carlos Leiva, Carlo Sánchez, 2013; Firstborn – Carlos Leiva, 2016


Catalina Donoso (Cusicanqui Films)

Company Profile: In the Altiplanic language Quechua, Cusicanqui means “the people that are happy”. Situated in Santiago, Chile, Cusicanqui has taken this name as a reminder that during the creative and sometimes overwhelming process of making films, no goals make sense if you don’t enjoy the way there.


Filmography: Guiding Sights – Katherina Harder, 2012; Naomi Campbel, – Nicolás Videl, Camila Donoso, 2014; The Waltz, – Edison Cájas, 2014; The Noise of trains – Cristián Saldía, 2016.


Pablo Calisto (Equeco)

Company Profile: Equeco is a young Chilean production company created in 2014. Our goal is to develope fresh and quality audiovisual content, innovative on its language, and capable to connect with national and international audiences.


Filmography: The Simple Things – Alvaro Anguita, 2015; Little White Lie – Tomás Alzamora, 2017.




Elad Peleg (Daroma Productions)

Company profile: Created by Elad Peleg and Haggai Arad, Daroma Productions strives to bring the individual back to the center, and produces films that deal with social issues, aiming to give a voice to those who are not represented in the mass media. The company currently has 16 projects for cinema and TV.


Filmography: Life According to Ohad – Eri Daniel, 2014; Red Leaves – Bazi Gete, 2014; Inertia – Idan Hagual, 2015; The Interrogation – Erez Peri, 2016; Between Worlds – Miya Hatav, 2016.


Naama Pyritz (Ingenue Production)

Company Profile: For over 20 Years Naama Pyritz has worked as a freelance independent producer, in 2014 she established her own production company Ingenue Productions.


Filmography: Lullaby – Adi Arbel, 2004; Bahais in my Backyard – Naama Pyritz & Asaf Shafir, 2006; Dudu Geva – Gabriel Bibliowitz, 2008; Connected docu-series (2nd & 3rd season), 2010; 1 out of 3 – Sivan Benri, 2014; In my Room – Ayelet Albenda, 2017.


Michael Rozenbaum (Transfax)

Company Profile: Transfax Film Productions, established in 1989 by Mr. Marek Rozenbaum, specializes in production services in Israel, co-production and production of feature films. It has produced over 40 documentaries for the Israeli television, 7 dramas and over 80 TV commercials and programs.


Filmography: To Take a Wife – Shlomi and Ronit Elkabetz, 2003; Seven Minutes in Heaven Omri Givon, 2007; My Australia – Amy Druzd, 2009; Invisibles – Mushon Salmona, 2012; Madam Yankelova's fine literature Club – Guilhad Emilio Schenker, 2014; Our Father – Meni Yaesh, 2015; Shoelaces – Jacob Goldwasser, 2017




Alessandro Amato (dispàrte)

Company Profile: dispàrte is an independent production company founded in Rome in 2015 by Alessandro Amato and Luigi Chimienti. We are focused on character-driven stories and international art-house films, aiming to give voice to Italian and international emerging authors. We are developing 3 feature films and 2 documentaries.


Filmography: Our Last – Ludovico di Martino, 2016; I was a Dreamer – Michele Vannucci, 2016.


Giovanni Pompili (Kino Produzioni)

Company Profile: Kino Produzioni's main goals are to research and develop a new cinema perspective strongly linked with reality. It is working to develop a new generation of emerging talents, often co-producing internationally. Upcoming projects include Sole supported by MiBact, CNC and IDM (Cinefondation 2017) and L’oro Del Diavolo in co-production with Close Up Rai Cinema and RTSI.


Filmography: I was a Dreamer – Michele Vannucci, 2016; Valparaiso – Carlo Sironi, 2016, Il Silenzio – Farnoosh Samadi & Ali Asgari, 2016.


Donatello Della Pepa (Revok S.r.l.)

Company Profile: Established in 2010 in Rome, Revok is interested in the transformation of visual languages and the relationship with other artistic forms, in the creation of ambitious and innovative products for cinema, television, advertising and new media. Its short film Varicella by Fulvio Risuleo won the 1st prize at Cannes' Semaine de la Critique 2015.


Filmography: The Pit and the Pendulum – Donatello Della Pepa, 2012 (short); I Canti della Forca – Stefano Bessoni, 2013 (short), Mano Sinistra – Francesco Rita, 2014 (short), Chickenpox  - Fulvio Risuleo, 2015 (short), Look Up – Fulvio Risuleo, 2017.




Pablo Zimbrón (Malacosa)

Company Profile: With a combined experience of more than 10 films supported by private investors, funds from around the globe and international coproductions; both companies joined forces since 2012. After collaborating in "The Darkness" & "Epitaph", they are developing "Tragic Jungle" the 5th film by Yulene Olaizola.


Filmography: Fogo – Yulene Olaizola, 2012; Epitafio (Epitaph) – Yulene Olaizola and Rubén Imaz, 2015.


Alexander De Graaf (Marsupial Media)

Company Profile: Marsupial Media is a Mexico City-based independent production company, created by director/producer Michael Rowe and producer Alexander de Graaf. It is currently developing and financing Michael Rowe's fiction-drama feature Alicia.


Filmography: Alicia – Michael Rowe, 2017.


Paulina Valencia (Spécola)

Company Profile: Spécola is a Mexican production house who specializes in independent film production. Their feature films Navajazo and William, The New Judo Master were screened and awarded at festivals such as Locarno, Rotterdam and Jeonju. Sleepwalk is their third film in development, to be shot in 2018.


Filmography: Navajazo – Ricardo Silva, 2014; William, the New Judo Master – Ricardo Silva and Omar Guzmán, 2017




Dominika Osak (Badi Badi)

Company Profile: Badi Badi is a Polish animation and post-production studio. Its first original production, short film The Game (2011) won 17 awards in animation festivals worldwide. The studio created and produced animated series Agi Bagi, successfully sold to 60 countries.


Filmography: The Game – Marcin Janiec, 2011; Agi Bagi Season 1 – Tomasz Niedźwiedź, 2014; Agi Bagi Season 2 – Tomasz Niedźwiedź, Waldemar Mordarski 2016.


Izabela Igel (Harine Films)

Company Profile: Harine Films is a Polish production company established in 2016 by Iza Igel. Harine Films’ first films were the Romanian-Polish film Dog by Florin Serban and the Polish-Italian film The Man with the Magic Box. Iza Igel is interested in arthouse cinema and focused on international co-productions, and likes to work with first- and second-time directors.


Filmography: Floating Skyscrapers – Tomasz Wasilewski, 2013;  Wild Roses – Anna Jadowska, 2017; Dog – Florin Serban, 2017; The Man with the Magic Box – Bodo Kox, 2017.


Maria Krauss (Plesnar & Krauss Films)

Company Profile: Based in Warsaw, production company Plesnar & Krauss Films was founded by Joanna Plesnar and Maria Krauss in 2012. We specialize in international co-production & film services on each stage of production.


Filmography: Bloody Daughter – Stephanie Argerich, 2012; We Film the People – Anna Szczepańska, 2014; Dramas – Zvika Gregory Portnoy, 2017; Pepik the Czech Goes to Poland for the Love of God - Vit Klusak and Filip Remunda, 2018.


Project Manager: Markus Duffner


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