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Cinema, ergo Titanus

Cinema, ergo Titanus


Family Diary of Italian Cinema. Hard to find a better subtitle, especially for Titanus, the essay that celebrates the great retrospective that Festival del film Locarno dedicates to great production company of Goffredo Lombardo. The perfect guide to dive into a celluloid world that conquered our imagination with its icons and ideas. The volume supervised by Sergio M. Germani, Simone Starace e Roberto Turigliatto slides smoothly through years and movies, offering high level essays on the centrepieces of a kind of cinema both popular and artistic, interviews and portraits of directors incredibly different among them all united under that ambitious brand. An interesting and in-depth path about the Titanus style with a tasty final chapter about the unfinished project that is a real gift for every cinephile. A river of words that wraps the reader that is cuddled with the photographies from the archives of Titanus, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia and Cineteca di Bologna, stills on and off the set that complete perfectly this story. An international and complete treasure from Luchino Visconti’s Il Gattopardo to Zorro played by Alain Delon. Painful moments are not avoided, like the epic disaster Sodoma e Gomorra. And if movie editing was the style of Titanus, a brand new script that involved the whole company – starting from the genius of Goffredo Lombardo – this retrospective essay is probably a philological and historical view of the glorious years of Italian cinema and about one of its most important makers built in the same way. A meticulous work wonderfully mixed and stitched. Find a spot in your library. The cover is also beautiful!

Boris Sollazzo
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